Social Profitable Enterprise

Lluvia Bakery has been deeply inspired by the community around us. Everyday we hear about individuals , selflessly contributing their energies towards creating a better world. Based on these thoughts , LLUVIA always strives to be a socially conscious business, nurturing entrepreneurs and imparting skills that we have acquired along the way. We try to keep our footprint and egos small. We belive that everyone should keep life simple and live in the moment. This helps in making a Happy , Healthy society.

SEWTRA - LLUVIA's incubation centre to help women from economically difficult backgrounds

SEWTRA - Socially Empowering Women To Rise Above This is a simple initiative to help women from difficult backgrounds in acquiring business skills. As start-up entreprenuers, we have recognised the challenges of the initial stage of a business. At our incubation centre we provide food startups the basic infrastructure to get started along with business skills, marketing plans, knowledge in food handling and financials of a business.