Being the change

Lluvia Bakery is proud to be an enterprise which believes in cultivating a socially relevant hiring policy. We train people from economically challenged families in baking for their sustenance. Read through on how these efforts have resulted in a win-win situation for all of us involved.

Our delivery head Vinod, is a law student, who use to be a car washer and still is. His determination to better himself has led him to complete his BA and now his LLB during the day while he is our Delivery Head for the evening hours. He knows every customer by name and apartment number, isn’t that pretty amazing?

Delivery boy, Nagesh used to be a supervisor in a garment factory, he brings in his hawk-eye skills to ensure that we do not jumble up orders. He has also started taking a keen interest in marketing our products. He has been successful in the last 2 months in securing 5 new partners.

We knew Ashok from our partner enterprise outlet in Whitefield. When we closed that partnership arrangement, he was happy to stay in and assist us at the bakery. He feels our work-life policy is employee friendly. Ashok multi tasks at work, mostly managing the admin, accounts and sales at green bazaars and exhibitions.

Vijayalakshmi works at Food World as a stockist and brings her 3 years of experience to help us out with stock taking, accounting and billing as a part time employee.

Initiative with Mitra Jyothi Charitable Organization

A charitable trust created to help people with disability to integrate with mainstream society by providing them with training and support programs. We share our healthy snack boxes with our wonderful friends from Mitra Jyothi to extend our support and best wishes to them every Friday evening. We are glad to be a part of their life and hope to continue our association with them in the future as well.